Palau SDA Elementary School not only believes in the spiritual component of the students’ education but also in the academic and physical development of its students. The academics include

Academic Placement

The appropriate grade placement is important. The following factors are to be considered in grade placement:

  • Chronological age;
  • Emotional, physical and social development;
  • Scholastic achievement as determined by:
    • Standardized achievement test scores;
    • Students ability to reason and to express ideas logically;
    • Teacher evaluation of academic progress
    • Prior school performance as evidenced by cumulative records, report cards, and the recommendation of the previous grade or school.

Language of Instruction

It is the policy of Palau SDA Elementary School that English be used as the language of instruction and of student communication in all grades in all subjects, with the exception of Palauan class. Students are required to use English when addressing any member of the staff. However, students are welcome to use their national languages in communicating with each other outside of the classroom, before and after school, and during recesses and lunch breaks.


The course of study will be in the following subjects:

Bible Palauan
Computer Phonics
Handwriting Physical Education
Health Reading
Language Arts Science
Mathematics Social Studies
Music Spelling


The following subjects are considered as major subjects:

Bible Reading
Language Arts Science
Mathematics Social Science


All students in grades K-8 are required to participate in music instruction. Palau SDA Elementary School also offers the opportunity for students to participate in choir, private lessons: piano, voice.

Physical Education

Physical Education classes are a part of the program provided for all students. A written statement from a physician is required to excuse a student from class.

Computer Lab

Palau SDA Elementary School offers an effective network, complete with lab and DSL Internet connection. Students receive instruction in computer literacy, keyboarding, and how to use the computer as a tool to enhance and reinforce their learning.

Palau SDA Library

The library is a place for students to enrich their classroom. Students may check out books and conduct research to further their education.

Achievement Test

The IOWA Test may be given to all students in grades 1st -8th. The results of the IOWA test are used to demonstrate how a student is doing in comparison with other students in the same grade on the national standardized test. The IOWA does not necessarily reflect the student’s achievement in the classroom.

Student Progress Reports

Communication between the parent and teacher is vital to the academic achievement of the student. A written progress report will be sent home at mid-term of each quarter by the teacher.


For more information about the curriculum and standards, please visit Adventist Education website.